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Positive Behaviour Support

Registered NDIS


Assessment, Reduction and Elimination of  Restrictive Practice 

Letters of Recommendation for Behaviour Support 

We currently 
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Cairns and surrounds

Atherton Tablelands

Torres Strait Islands

Cape York Communities 


Greater Geelong areas

Golden Plains

Surf Coast Shire 

Bellarine Peninsula 


Behaviour Support Under the NDIS.

Behaviour support is a proactive approach aimed at improving the quality of life and minimising challenging behaviours through positive interventions. It involves assessing the reasons behind behaviours and developing individualised strategies to teach new skills and promote positive behaviour. This support is often provided to individuals with disabilities or those facing behavioural challenges, focusing on enhancing their communication, social, and adaptive skills. The goal is to reduce the need for restrictive practices and create supportive environments that encourage positive behaviour changes.

What does a Behaviour Support Practitioner do?

A Behaviour Support Practitioner is like a coach who helps people learn to manage their actions better. They work with individuals who might have trouble controlling their behaviours, which can sometimes cause problems for them or others.

  • Understand: They try to understand why a person might be behaving a certain way. Maybe they’re upset, frustrated, or need help with something.

  • Teach: They teach new ways to handle situations or communicate their needs.

  • Help: They help change things in the person’s life that might be causing stress or problems.

  • Support: They give support to the person and their supports, helping everyone learn how to work together for a happier and healthier life.


Behaviour support is a collaborative approach, bringing together the people who support an individual and working together to find better solutions.  

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Head Office

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Paramatta Park, 

QLD, 4870


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